Will the Blockchain Impact Slot Play?

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The biggest advance in online technology of the last ten years is the blockchain. We hear about the blockchain mostly with cryptocurrencies, like Bitcoin, but there are already a lot of other uses for it. One of the fastest growing uses of blockchain technology is computer security, which is one of the big issues that online casino sites face today. Undoubtedly, the blockchain will have an impact on websites across the world, and this will include online gambling and casino webpages. Just what the exact extent of this impact will be still remains to be seen, though.

Still, experts are able to make some educated guesses about how the blockchain will impact the casino industry. The general consensus is that casinos will become safer overall. For you the player, that’s a very good thing. In fact, it is pretty exciting, especially if you live in an area where online slot play isn’t legal right now. The blockchain is likely to make casinos more secure and regulate the games themselves. That means that they will be far more accurate and precise with the payouts.

The chances of coming across a fraudulent or scam site will decrease dramatically, too. If sites can verify everything with blockchain technology, it will be very easy for regulators and even lay people to see whether a game that claims a 95 percent payout really has a 95 percent payout.

The same holds true from a strategy point of view, too. If you are looking for a machine with a high payout, the blockchain is far more likely to reveal that information accurately than any measures reported independently. You can find the machines that have the highest likelihood of returning a profit to you, and you will likely even be able to pinpoint the exact amount that you should risk and how many lines to play.

Progressive jackpots will also be impacted. You will have access to better information concerning when a machine is more likely to hit a huge jackpot. Not only will it be easier to see how many spins it has been since a jackpot paid out, but the trends that are seemingly random will begin to expose trends. Unless software is rewritten and becomes more randomized, jackpot predictions will become a little bit more accurate. This won’t increase an edge by much, but the one or two percentage points that you gain will drastically increase your odds of winning over time.

The downside of the blockchain is that although you will have access to information, so will everyone else who wants to see it. The curve of increased profits will need to be offset by casinos, and that response is likely to happen almost immediately, or even before blockchain implementation. However, that does not mean that these precautions on behalf of the casinos will be universally implied. What is most likely to happen is that some sites and some games will stay more profitable than others. Also, these trends will shift from time to time. Finding these will be your ongoing goal if you want to remain a profitable slots player. It will be tough in some instances, but it will be more possible and more accurate than ever before thanks to this new technology.

The most immediate benefit that will be seen is with financial transactions. Your deposits and withdrawals to and from a casino will be safer, faster, and cheaper. The fees that you are charged for some transactions will be reduced drastically, and you will no longer need to wait weeks to see your money returned to you. This ease of access to your money will only help you in the long run and allow you to enjoy the games that you love a little more.