Normally, slot games have what is called a long term negative expected value. That means that if you play for an extended period of time, no matter how much you win, you will eventually lose money. For many people, that is enough information to keep them away from any type of slots, both physical and online.

There’s some good news, despite this seemingly overwhelming piece of bad information: you don’t have to lose money playing slots. In fact, there are strategies out there that can be profitable. There’s not nearly enough space in this web site to outline winning slot strategies, but we can provide you with some of the highlights and point you toward other resources to help you out.

If there are any topics here that you’d like to learn more about, feel free to message us to add a page or check out the resources that already exist on the web!

Progressive Slots

One of the most exciting ways to make a profit at the slot machines is to win a jackpot on a progressive machine. Like the name suggests, progressive jackpots see the amount that you can win go up higher and higher over time. There have been many who have won a million or more dollars on a progressive jackpot winner. Now, this is exceedingly rare, but there’s an important lesson to learn from this: someone has to win a progressive jackpot. Why can’t it be you? Always try to pick a machine that hasn’t seen a winner in a long time. If you’re going to play on one of these machines, play as many lines as you can and risk at least enough to qualify for the full jackpot amount—these things will be provided for you at the casino that you’re visiting. This way, even though you don’t have a huge shot of winning, if you do you are going to see a life changing amount of cash.

Bankroll Management

Another important strategy to master is that of bankroll managementManaging your money correctly will not help you to win money, but it will minimize the amount that you lose. This way, when you win money, you will see a higher profit number because your losses will be smaller. The way it works is pretty simple. You want to stretch out your bankroll as long as you can to maximize your chances of having money in play when you hit a big winner.

This may mean taking breaks once in a while or taking a few days or weeks off at a time. It also means that you should not bet the max every roll if you don’t have a sufficiently sized bankroll backing your play up.

Just remember that there are tons of examples of bankroll management strategies out there, and not all of them are as helpful as they might seem to be. When you’re searching around for a money management strategy, don’t just take the first one, but spend some time checking out the facts behind it. This will help you to find a strategy that works better over the long term. And finally, don’t ever risk money that you can’t afford to lose.

Check Payouts

As a general rule, the higher the overall return on a specific game, the greater your chances of winning money become. In a perfect world, you would select a game that was close to 100 percent, or even higher! However, although these do exist from time to time, they tend to just be promotional. Seek them out and play them whenever you can, but don’t count on always playing a game that has this high of a payout.

In reality, you’re going to find that the more you risk per spin, the higher the payout percentage will be. That means you have a really low chance of winning money at the penny or nickel slots, and a much greater chance of winning if you’re risking $1 or more per play. Nickel slots tend to run with a payout of about 85 percent, while $1 slots tend to go up to about 96 percent. There will be variation here based upon the game that you pick, but this rule holds true most of the time.


One of the more fun ways to win money playing online video slots is to look for tournaments. Not only do these have a high payout rate, but they offer a fun and competitive edge to the game. You don’t have to beat the machine—you just have to beat the others in the tournament. Some casinos offer these on a rolling basis while others only offer tournaments once in a while. Whatever your preference is, make sure you check this out before you make your first deposit so that you can put your money with an online slots casino that offers you the types of games and tournaments that you are most interested in.